Trace Mineral Chelation

Transformation of polar ionic trace mineral ions into less polar, more bio-available chelated forms presented category. Many of these specially designed chelated trace minerals are nutritionally important for animals. Some of the chelated trace minerals carry specific functional properties like antimould, antibacterial, antioxidant, liver stimulation & target release activities etc.


Accelerated Natural Biotransformation (ANBioT)

It is a proprietary platform technology, which works on the principle of releasing bioactive and functional molecules from natural products and agri-byproducts. The key steps of the technology simulates biotransformation processes that occur in nature with the added values of accelerating the rate of transformation, near-to-zero waste regeneration, no-use of organic solvents and building matrix for stabilization & enhanced shelf life of bio-actives.


Microencapsulation for target specific release

A process of fine layer coating with various nutritionally useful coating materials to enable pH based actives release characteristics like rumen bypass, sustained release and site specific activity.