Poultry Feed Ingredients & Additives

Nutritional non-antibiotic Feed Ingredients & Additives for Poultry Birds

  • Mycotoxin gets produced if molds are allowed to form in the feed ingredients like corn, soya, sunflower cake and fish meal. Therefore the solution for the problem is to arrest mold formation. This can be done by using a combination of functional chelate like oxine copper, natural phenol, naturally made organic acids.
  • If the botheration is about residual mycotoxin, it can be very effectively managed by using quarternized bentonite and equip liver to destroy any toxic element getting in.
  • The nutritional gap can be addressed by providing them with bio-absorbable trace mineral chelates, required for various metabolic functions.


Prevents formation of mycotoxin through natural process of mold inhibition. The concept is built around very efficient functional chelate of oxine copper, manufactured by us and specific natural phenols providing synergistic effect arresting mold formation.  The product is recommended to be used at 25g per MT of feed.




ChemDmold® Plus

This formulation is best suited for home mixers with added advantage of broad spectrum activity of organic acids along with efficiency of oxine copper and natural phenols. The product is recommended to be used at 250g per MT of feed.



ChemDmold® Bind

If you are worried about mycotoxin already present in the feed ingredients, better to use this product, having quarternized bentonite to bind all residual mycotoxins along with preventing further mold formation. The product is recommended to be used at 500g per MT of feed.



ChemDmold® Liv

If the birds are under stress because of mycotoxin infestation, they need rejuvenation of the liver. This product perfectly matches the requirement, having liver protecting antioxidants and enzyme inducers apart from oxine copper, natural phenols, organic acids and quarternized bentonite. The product is recommended to be used at 500g per MT of feed.



ChemBmin® Poultry

The product is based on chelation of trace minerals with perfect ligands assuring maximum bioavailability to the birds. Zn, Mn, Cu, Fe are available as individual chelates and we can also offer customized formulations.



ChemBmin® Cr

We can offer both water soluble and feed mixing variety of Chromium Nicotinate to provide extremely bioavailable Chromium.




Providing Trace Minerals with Stabilized and Effective Bio-Minerals

Comparison with other chelates and salts available in the market:

 While designing bio-minerals we have considered two key factors ideal stability constants of the bio-mineral (chelate) required for poultry.





Cu, Mn, Fe, Zn and Cr

12/15  mineral content

ChemBmin®  Poultry

Combination of Cu, Mn, Fe and Zn with selected 

Hydroxy-amino acids along with Se and I

Can be customized as Premix /

Feed Additive Concentrates