Dairy Feed Ingredients & Additives

Nutritional non-antibiotic Feed Ingredients & Additives for Dairy Cattle

  • Milk yield per day in most of the crossbreds varies between 5 Lt to 12 Lt in Indian scenario whereas their counterparts in West have average yield of 25 Lt per day.
  • One way of moving towards higher yield is to topping up the feed to make up any nutritional deficit and providing trigger for supporting lactation process.
  • The solution lies in balanced nutrition, bio-absorbable trace minerals, sustained release Nitrogen and feeding ionic Calcium, when required.


  1. When Lord Govardhana likes Laddu, why should not we treat his Govus with Laddus?
  2. Yes, we have made tasty, yummy Laddus for cows with very well balanced nutrition through our proprietary technology of Accelerated Natural Biotransformation (ANBioT) just enough to trigger sharp increase in milk yield.
  3. CowStrawTM Laddu during trial with crossbreds gave 12.5% increase in milk yield and farmer was able to earn 32% extra profit.
  4. It has benefit to the world ! Your cows are going to produce less methane and reduce effect on global warming !!

ChemBmin Dairy

  • If your cattle is deficient in trace minerals, vitamins and fat you need to try ChemBmin Dairy.
  • ChemBmin Dairy is rumen stable combination of essential trace minerals like Cu, Mn, Fe, Zn in chelated forms along with bypass fat, vitamins.
  • This also ensures minimal loss of minerals through feces and urine.

CowStrawTM  Sara

  • If you are thinking of supplementing your ration with Non-protein Nitrogen, we have the right ingredient for you.
  • CowStrawTM Sara is sustained release Sarajanak (Nitrogen) which makes sure that nitrogen gets released just in required quantity enabling continuous amino acid synthesis.
  • We have used novel multiple coating system to ensure sustained release of Nitrogen.
  • Additional advantage is “no buildup of ammonia” in the rumen !

CowStrawTM  CAL

  • If you are looking for easy to feed, palatable ionic calcium we have an answer.
  • CowStrawTM Cal is stable, tasty ionic Calcium in powder form exclusively developed for cattle.
  • It takes care of cattle when it gets into milk fever syndrome.
  • Restores animal back into its normal health very quickly.