Welcome to ChemLife Innovations

The demand for good & contamination free food, safe & attractive cosmetics and natural & effective medicines is on exponential growth. One of the important factors, which many times “a missing item” in the food chain, cosmetics range and medicine list is the quality of ingredients which imparts functionality to the product. In the past, quality was just a measure of purity. However, recent meaning of quality goes much beyond this definition by looking at profile of the impurity present, natural/nature identical/synthetic origin, extent of bioavailability/bioactivity, sustained/target release, side effects/reactions etc. Not only regulatory restrictions but also consumer awareness has driven redefinition of the role and specification of food, cosmetics and medicines and in turn that of functional ingredients which makes them up.


This sharp focus on quality of ingredients has put the process by which they are made under severe scrutiny. Instead of random chemical reactions that were employed earlier to make ingredients, scientists are coming out with purified natural extracts, synthetic but nature identical molecules, green chemistry pathways, zero waste techniques, multi-layered coating for various types of drug delivery, bio-technological processes which offers highest order of specificity, nano technologies and functional implants to name a few.


ChemLife Innovations is present in the thick of these exciting developments contributing its thoughts, concepts, prototypes, working models and products with an objective of maximum utilization of available resources for its intended use with minimum waste in the field of food, cosmetics and medicines.